Belfast works ambitiously in shades of grey. His intricate and dense charcoal creations are rich
in colorful allegories. Nude figures, faces and buildings evolve into endless twirling paths and
erupting universes of lines and shades. Each piece begs contemplation and reflection. His work
has a 3D metal look that has been described as Art Deco. Asked how his style came about,
Belfast said, " I started my style of drawing the Fall of 1999 when I got a job in the first
skyscraper in Boston which was an Art Deco building, I guess I got my style from there".  
A Boston, MA resident, Belfast was born in Trinidad and grew up in Cambridge.


    He admires the work of Alexander Calder and John Singer Sargent. Belfast is a prolific, self  taught artist. He does all his amazing, intricate work out of his small 13 x 13 bedroom. He says that the fill for a particular piece can take up to 1 month to complete. He labors tirelessly to complete
each project and is always contemplating the next one. Belfast also does wire sculpture, other
paint mediums and photography but always prefers his charcoal work.

   Belfast has shown his work in many places. He has done solo shows and has participated
in multiple group shows throughout the region. His awards are notable: 1989 Boston Globe
Scholastic Art Awards gold key winner; 2017 Emerging Art exhibition and awards (The Fay
Chandler best in show award) Mayor Martin Walsh Department of Arts and Culture Group Show;
five of Bostons Future Classic shows (Cyclorama) with artists like Shepard Fairey, graffiti artist SEEN, 
street photographer Ricky Powell, and the many other local and out of state artists. His
drawings have also shown at Art Basel in Florida, Scope and two other large art fairs in New
York.  His goal is to have more time to work on the art and to have his work in multiple shows at the same time all over the world.